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Philip Seymour Hoffman

I have always been into writing stories from a young age, but it wasn't until the summer of 2010 that I took my writing more seriously. Being a fan of movies my whole life and the Oakland A's Major League Baseball team, I was shocked when I was lucky enough to be cast in the movie 'Moneyball', which was based on Michael Lewis' book of the same name that detailed the the 2002 improbable season and historic 20 game win streak of the Oakland A's.

I was nothing more than a 'Specialized extra' according to SAG, but to me it was a huge deal. I was cast as one of the players on the Oakland A's team, which was a dream come true for me as a lifelong fan and baseball player myself. Walking onto the field for the first time was like a dream, I don't really know how to describe it.

During my time on the production, I was lucky enough to have many conversations with the late Philip Seymour  Hoffman. He asked me if I was trying to become an actor and I said no, it was just a random fluke that I was there in the first place, but that I was more interested in writing. He took the time and introduced me to the script supervisor, who in turn discussed my story ideas with me and which ones that she felt would help me break out first. After the breakout, at least according to her, I could write anything that I wanted.

I am sure that Mr. Hoffman quickly forgot about me after my time on set, as I was nothing more than another nameless extra like the many thousands before me and after me that he had worked with over his great career. 

The kindness and decency that he showed me during my time on set is something that I will never forget. He treated me like a somebody when many of the lesser actors on set treated me like I was nothing. He  didn't have to even acknowledge my presence, but he did, and it meant more to me than I can ever tell anyone. It broke my heart to learn of his passing, and he will forever have a piece of it.

I wish I could have the opportunity to thank him for his impact on me, but like so many others that he impacted, we will just have to honor his memory with our successes.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was not the only icon that was amazing to be around. Brad Pitt and Chris Pratt are two of the nicest people that I have ever met. I was always a fan of Brad's, and I will be a forever fan of Chris's because he was such a nice guy to me.

I realize that there are countless hundreds, if not thousands who share a similar story to meeting Hollywood celebrities, but this is my story and this is the about me page, so this is my story.


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