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3 April, 1876

Northern Montana Territory - Gun fire erupted in the small settlement of Willow Porcupine, named after the Willow and Little Porcupine creeks that the small town is nestled between.

The Seventh United States Cavalry, First company under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Duane Cramer attacked the small settlement made up of mostly farmers while in pursuit of fleeing Cree Indians. Cramer, believing the Cree to be hiding out in the village, ordered the attack.

Eye witness statements contradict the official after action report submitted to the United States War Department by Col. Cramer. Witness statements tell of a bloody slaughter of innocent American civilians, along with that of the Indian people.

Reports of a confrontation between Cramer and a junior officer, Lieutenant Nathaniel Kale, who nearly killed Cramer in an altercation, following the murder of a young Indian mother and her child.

Travelers passing through town immediately following the attack reported a gruesome scene of blood, death, and murder.

The United States War Department has not responded to telegram requests for comments.


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